Skechers’ Streetdance battle 8!! 09/22/12

Yesterday was the Skechers’ Streetbattle 8 which us members of the ‘SISC Dance Varsity’ have been preparing for for the past 2-3 months. We worked reeaaaallly hard for this. We got pulled out of classes, we got a lot of bruises and body pains, and we suffered a lot of problems, but everything was worth it! 🙂

We got to MOA around 8AM (Using the school’s bus! :D) and we all got registered at about 8:30AM. After that we did some people’s hair and stuff like that ’till we got called out to practice blockings and the routine onstage. We did quite well for a practice but we still lacked at some parts. But I bet all the other groups were laughing inside a how young we were to be competing with them, who were mostly in their senior years already and have been joining the competition for like 2-3 years already. (We were the youngest crew there)


One of the dance groups during the technical rehearsal thingy~

And after a few hours of putting on make-up, fixing hair, and eating…. my parents, Mia, Claire, and Jaja arrived and they bought us lots of bottles of water and Gatorade. 😄 I gave them their stubs and they went to line up to get inside the venue while we fixed our things and went to our seats~


Us dancers waiting for the show to start 🙂

What was irritating was the fact that they said the competition was going to start at 2PM, but we waited until 3:30PM until it started. And once it did, everyone was reaaaally excited. But we were very nervous since we were 4th to perform.


As soon as I knew it, we already were backstage, getting ready to perform and we do the ‘left-middle-right-middle-kick’ thing we did before we performed for the grade school the other day and had a little pep-talk. Plus I practiced carrying Joy on my shoulders since I felt weak and nervous but I felt energized after the manager-girl wished us luck and told us to show energy. 😀

While we were onstage, we gave our best and danced our butts off. Even though we were kinda wrong and off at some parts, we still gave our best to show how good rookies could be. 🙂 And to think there were hundreds of people watching us… awesomeeee! 🙂

After that we went back to our seats and I heard one other contestant say “Good job!” and I just smiled at her and walked to my seat. Oh how I love strangers like that, they really make me happy. 🙂 For some reason, everyone drank almost all of the Gatorade and water which I thought no on would really drink. I guess that means everyone gave their best in the performance. :3

I was peacefully watching all the performances when my mom called and told me to go to where they were so I left the venue and went there even though I really wanted to watch Coco and Nadine’s freestyling competition part. 😦 Then we had some problem since Jaja was missing and shizzballs. But we eventually found her and as we were heading out, I watched a bit of Coco and Nadine’s perf and they did really well!! I really wanted to watch the whole thing tho~ :<

We left MOA and ate at some Cantonese place where we talked about our performance. My dad said that he thought ours was simple but nice since we did not force ourselves to to all kinds of stunts and I believe so too. So even if we did not get in the finals, we still got to show them what we youngsters got! ^^

Later that night Claire already left but Jasmin slept over ’cause her brother attended some sort of party. I was really tired so I just changed, washed up, and left for bed.

I will never forget that day because that was the first ever dance competition I’ve ever joined and it feels good to join one. Plus everyone did a great effort on the performance even though we were not the best. 🙂 I will really miss practicing for it with everyone though, and right now I feel so empty that it is over…. But there are more competitions to join, anyway. 🙂

Subin, Jiwoo, Jeiah, Joy, Chloe, Nadine, Coco, Lucille, Janella, Rosvera, Kinjin, we all did well! More competitions to come! *throws confetti*

PS. I love Coco’s hair. 🙂


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